A Near-InfraRed IFS and Imager


Our team has been part of the Keck OSIRIS instrument and data reduction team since commissioning in February 2005. OSIRIS is a near-infrared (0.95 - 2.4μm) imaging camera and integral field spectrograph to sample the diffraction-limit of the Keck (10-m) telescope. OSIRIS was the first lenslet array IFS used behind an adaptive optics system in the world, and has been used for a variety of powerful science cases ranging from the solar system to distant galaxies. In 2013, our team installed a new, more efficient grating in OSIRIS improving the throughput of the instrument ~1.8x across the near-infrared (Mieda et al. 2014). Recently, the UCLA Infrared Lab installed a new H2RG detector to the system. Our team has continued to be actively involved with maintaining and improving the data reduction pipeline for OSIRIS.

PI: Larkin, UCLA IR Laboratory

Technical documents: OSIRIS github page