Portable Planetarium

The UCSD Physics Sciences Division has funded a portable planetarium for both undergraduate education and outreach within the broader San Diego community. A planetarium serves as a fantastic facility for interactive scientific visualization. Portable planetaria make use of an inflatable dome that includes an advanced projector. The portable planetarium follows safety regulations, and in case of emergency can easily be flipped by one person for a rapid exit. Our team currently offers a traditional astronomical experience of the night sky and offer pre-arranged visualization programs and full dome movies.

CASS OIR lab maintains and facilitates the use of the portable planetarium for UCSD Physics curricula, and is available for shows for K-12 schools and other outreach events. The UCSD planetarium is currently organized by graduate students Maren Cosens and Lindsay Lowry, and Prof. Shelley Wright.

If you are interested in planetarium show at your institute or K-12 school, please contact planetarium[@]physics.ucsd.edu (remove brackets in the email adress).