OIRLab Publications (2016)

November, 2016
We present results from the Intermediate Redshift OSIRIS Chemo-Kinematic Survey (IROCKS) for sixteen z ∼ 1 and one z ∼ 1.4 star-forming galaxies. All galaxies were observed with OSIRIS with the laser guide star adaptive optics system at Keck Observatory...
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July, 2016
IRIS is a near-infrared (0.84 to 2.4 microns) integral field spectrograph and wide-field imager being developed for first light with the Thirty Meter (TMT). It mounts to the advanced optics (AO) system NFIRAOS and has integrated on-instrument wavefront sensors (OIWFS) to achieve diffraction-limited ...
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July, 2016
IRIS (InfraRed Imaging Spectrograph) is the diffraction-limited first light instrument for the Thirty Meter Telescope (TMT) that consists of a near-infrared (0.84 to 2.4 $\mu$m) imager and integral field spectrograph (IFS). The IFS makes use of a lenslet array and slicer for spatial sampling, which will be able to operate....
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July, 2016
The Thirty Meter Telescope (TMT) first light instrument IRIS (Infrared Imaging Spectrograph) will complete its preliminary design phase in 2016. The IRIS instrument design includes a near-infrared (0.85 - 2.4 micron) integral field spectrograph (IFS) and imager....
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May, 2016
We present integral field spectrograph (IFS) with laser guide star adaptive optics (LGS-AO) observations of z∼2 quasi-stellar objects (QSOs) designed to resolve extended nebular line emission from the host galaxy....
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1 2016MNRAS.463.3186F
1.00012/2016A      E  F          X                      R                          U      
Farihi, J.; Koester, D.; Zuckerman, B.; Vican, L.; Gänsicke, B. T.; Smith, N.; Walth, G.; Breedt, E.
Solar abundances of rock-forming elements, extreme oxygen and hydrogen in a young polluted white dwarf

2 2016AJ....152..128M
1.00011/2016A      E  F          X                      R                          U      
Millar-Blanchaer, Maxwell A.; Wang, Jason J.; Kalas, Paul; Graham, James R.; Duchêne, Gaspard; Nielsen, Eric L.; Perrin, Marshall; Moon, Dae-Sik; Padgett, Deborah; Metchev, Stanimir; and 48 coauthors
Imaging an 80 au Radius Dust Ring around the F5V Star HD 157587

3 2016arXiv161008065D
1.00010/2016A                      X                      R                          U      
Dessauges-Zavadsky, M.; Zamojski, M.; Rujopakarn, W.; Richard, J.; Sklias, P.; Schaerer, D.; Combes, F.; Ebeling, H.; Rawle, T. D.; Egami, E.; and 5 coauthors
Molecular gas properties of a lensed star-forming galaxy at z~3.6: a case study

4 2016AJ....152...97W
1.00010/2016A      E  F          X                      R          S              U      
Wang, Jason J.; Graham, James R.; Pueyo, Laurent; Kalas, Paul; Millar-Blanchaer, Maxwell A.; Ruffio, Jean-Baptiste; De Rosa, Robert J.; Ammons, S. Mark; Arriaga, Pauline; Bailey, Vanessa P.; and 44 coauthors
The Orbit and Transit Prospects for β Pictoris b Constrained with One Milliarcsecond Astrometry

5 2016arXiv160909095N
1.00009/2016A                      X                                                  U      
Nielsen, Eric L.; De Rosa, Robert J.; Wang, Jason; Rameau, Julien; Song, Inseok; Graham, James R.; Macintosh, Bruce; Ammons, Mark; Bailey, Vanessa P.; Barman, Travis S.; and 37 coauthors
Dynamical Mass Measurement of the Young Spectroscopic Binary V343 Normae AaAb Resolved With the Gemini Planet Imager

6 2016ApJ...829L...4K
1.00009/2016A      E  F          X          D          R          S              U      
Konopacky, Quinn M.; Rameau, Julien; Duchêne, Gaspard; Filippazzo, Joseph C.; Giorla Godfrey, Paige A.; Marois, Christian; Nielsen, Eric L.; Pueyo, Laurent; Rafikov, Roman R.; Rice, Emily L.; and 47 coauthors
Discovery of a Substellar Companion to the Nearby Debris Disk Host HR 2562

7 2016arXiv160802435T
1.00008/2016A                      X                      R                          U      
Tsuzuki, Toshihiro; Suzuki, Ryuji; Harakawa, Hiroki; Ikenoue, Bungo; Larkin, James; Moore, Anna; Obuchi, Yoshiyuki; Phillips, Andrew C; Saito, Sakae; Uraguchi, Fumihiro; and 3 coauthors
The Infrared Imaging Spectrograph (IRIS) for TMT: optical design of IRIS imager with "Co-axis double TMA"

8 2016arXiv160801693S
1.00008/2016A                      X                      R                          U      
Schoeck, Matthias; Andersen, David; Rogers, John; Ellerbroek, Brent; Chisholm, Eric; Dunn, Jennifer; Herriot, Glen; Larkin, James; Moore, Anna; Suzuki, Ryuji; and 2 coauthors
Flowdown of the TMT astrometry error budget(s) to the IRIS design

9 2016arXiv160801690P
1.00008/2016A                      X                      R                          U      
Phillips, Andrew C.; Suzuki, Ryuji; Larkin, James E.; Moore, Anna M.; Hayano, Yutaka; Tsuzuki, Toshihiro; Wright, Shelley A.
The Infrared Imaging Spectrograph (IRIS) for TMT: the ADC optical design

10 2016arXiv160801681C
1.00008/2016A                      X                      R                          U      
Chapin, Edward L.; Dunn, Jennifer; Weiss, Jason; Gillies, Kim; Hayano, Yutaka; Johnson, Chris; Larkin, James; Moore, Anna; Riddle, Reed L.; Sohn, Ji Man; and 4 coauthors
The Infrared Imaging Spectrograph (IRIS) for TMT: motion planning with collision avoidance for the on-instrument wavefront sensors

11 2016SPIE.9904E..13L
1.00007/2016A      E                              T                                  U      
Lavigne, J.-F.; Rowlands, N.; Grandmont, F. J.; Lafrenière, D.; Marois, C.; Daigle, O.; Thibault, S.; Schade, D.; Artigau, É.; Brousseau, D.; and 6 coauthors
Canadian contributions studies for the WFIRST instruments

12 2016arXiv160607456B
1.00006/2016A                      X                      R                          U      
Baranec, Christoph; Lu, Jessica R.; Wright, Shelley A.; Tonry, John; Tully, R. Brent; Szapudi, István; Takamiya, Marianne; Hunter, Lisa; Riddle, Reed; Chen, Shaojie; Chun, Mark
The Rapid Transient Surveyor

13 2016ApJ...824..121D
1.00006/2016A      E  F          X                      R  C      S              U      
De Rosa, Robert J.; Rameau, Julien; Patience, Jenny; Graham, James R.; Doyon, René; Lafrenière, David; Macintosh, Bruce; Pueyo, Laurent; Rajan, Abhijith; Wang, Jason J.; and 26 coauthors
Spectroscopic Characterization of HD 95086 b with the Gemini Planet Imager

14 2016AAS...22840002V
1.00006/2016A                                                                          U      
Vayner, Andrey; Wright, Shelley; Murray, Norman W.; Armus, Lee; Larkin, James E.
QUART: Quasar hosts Unveiled by high Angular Resolution Techniques

15 2016AAS...22812004D
1.00006/2016A                                                                          U      
Duenas, Andres; Maire, Jerome; Wright, Shelley; Drake, Frank D.; Marcy, Geoffrey W.; Siemion, Andrew; Stone, Remington P. S.; Tallis, Melisa; Treffers, Richard R.; Werthimer, Dan
A near-Infrared SETI Experiment: Alignment and Astrometric precision

16 2016AAS...22812003T
1.00006/2016A                                                                          U      
Tallis, Melisa; Maire, Jerome; Wright, Shelley; Drake, Frank D.; Duenas, Andres; Marcy, Geoffrey W.; Stone, Remington P. S.; Treffers, Richard R.; Werthimer, Dan; NIROSETI
A near-infrared SETI experiment: A multi-time resolution data analysis

17 2016AAS...22810303W
1.00006/2016A                                                                          U      
Walth, Gregory; Egami, Eiichi; Clément, Benjamin; Rujopakarn, Wiphu; Rawle, Tim; Rex, Marie; Richard, Johan; Dessauges, Miroslava; Perez-Gonzalez, Pablo; Stark, Daniel; Herschel Lensing Survey
Using Cosmic Telescopes to Study Dusty, Star-Forming Galaxies

18 2016ApJ...822L..29R
1.00005/2016A      E  F          X                      R  C      S              U      
Rameau, Julien; Nielsen, Eric L.; De Rosa, Robert J.; Blunt, Sarah C.; Patience, Jenny; Doyon, René; Graham, James R.; Lafrenière, David; Macintosh, Bruce; Marchis, Franck; and 24 coauthors
Constraints on the Architecture of the HD 95086 Planetary System with the Gemini Planet Imager

19 2016ApJ...821...33R
1.00004/2016A E F X R C S N U
Runco, Jordan N.; Cosens, Maren; Bennert, Vardha N.; Scott, Bryan; Komossa, S.; Malkan, Matthew A.; Lazarova, Mariana S.; Auger, Matthew W.; Treu, Tommaso; Park, Daeseong
Broad Hβ Emission-line Variability in a Sample of 102 Local Active Galaxies

20 2016AAS...22742706B
1.00001/2016A                                                                          U      
Baranec, Christoph; Tonry, John; Wright, Shelley; Tully, R. Brent; Lu, Jessica R.; Takamiya, Marianne Y.; Hunter, Lisa
The Rapid Transient Surveyor

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