Optical SETI

A pulsed optical Search for Extraterrestrial Intelligence Instrument


Lick Optical SETI experiment

The Search for Extraterrestrial Intelligence (SETI) is the scientific method that searches for intelligent communicating life in the Universe. This scientific endeavour first started in 1960 by pioneer Frank Drake at radio wavelengths using a large radio telescope in West Virginia.

For over 50 years there have been a variety of radio SETI searches, and even studies that have extended into optical wavelengths. Interstellar communication is additionally well-suited at optical wavelengths, and several research institutions have initiated optical SETI surveys in the last two decades.

At the following webpage, we briefly describe and reference a fast optical SETI instrument built by our group and collaborators that has installed and operated the Lick Observatory Nickel 1-m telescope.

Lick OSETI page

OSETI Details

Three optically parallel photomultiplier tubes (PMTs)

Observed 4,605 stars in 4.5 years